Hairdressing Courses - AIAS School of Hairdressing

Hairdressing Courses

  • Gain the skills, knowledge and hands-on experience at our Hairdressing College to excel in your career
  • Graduates go on to work as hairdressers, colourists and stylists
  • Graduates are also inspired to branch into related fields such as fashion, photography, theatre and media
  • Study the Diploma of Salon Management to prepare for becoming a salon proprietor or manager


The college & your career

Nationally Recognised TrainingIn today's hairdressing industry, there are opportunities to bring your own creative style, and combined with good interpersonal skills, this will open many doors in salons across Australia and the world.

With the right experience, and some training at AIAS, there is a possibility for a career with business management responsibilities, and owning a business is a realistic goal for many.

You can work your way from a hairdressing school to a job at the local hair salon to become a leading stylist or designer. There are many varied jobs available for those with creative and artistic flair.

Pursuing a career in the industry is ideally suited to anyone who enjoys being with other people and is meticulous when it comes to attention to detail. With these attributes, and a willingness to learn, the opportunities are endless.


About the AIAS Hairdressing Faculty

Or College offers courses that provide students with the option of structuring their studies to match where they are in their careers. Courses at AIAS can be studied at a pace and location that suits the individual student's availabilities, including on-campus (full-time or part-time) and online opportunities. There are certificate and diploma qualifications to match ability and experience.