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Melbourne Campus

Our campus

Located in the very heart of the city centre, this is the newest AIAS campus.  It’s close to Melbourne’s cool laneways (home to cafes, restaurants and shops), universities, restaurants, theatres, shopping complexes and quality sporting facilities. 

Campus address: Level 1, 30 Church Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000

Local information: Top 10 cafes, banks/ATMs, public transport, restaurants, bars and shops near the campus - DOWNLOAD PDF

Melbourne campus map

  • Great learning environment for students - light and airy classrooms
  • Modern facilities - fully equipped massage room for practical sessions, iridology camera equipment
  • Small class sizes – personalised approach to teaching
  • On-campus student support
  • Great library resources with quiet study areas, wireless internet connection and computer/printing facilities
  • Student common room shared with students from Martin College, Taylors College and CSU Study Centre - lots of opportunity to mingle with students from other countries

Courses offered

The study timetable

The AIAS timetable requires students to be in class Monday to Friday.  Classes run in the following time periods.

  • Session A: 08:30 – 11:30
  • Session B: 12:00– 15:00
  • Session C: 15:15 – 18:00

Students generally have two classes per day and five to six classes per week.  Students do not select class time; they are allocated to classes as the College timetable requires.

IMPORTANT: Not all classes will run in every time period, with the above session times used only as a template. The college will release specific timetabling for each intake and these timetables are subject to change at any stage up to the commencement date of the course.