Entry Requirements

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Diploma – Domestic and International Students

It is expected that all applicants for entry to this programme will:

  • Have successfully completed an Australian Year 12 and supply a copy to AIAS; OR
  • Successfully completed a qualification at an AQF Level 4 and supply proof to AIAS; OR
  • Have 2 years relevant work experience (assessed by providing Resume/CV highlighting relevant work experience); AND
  • Have basic computer skills;

In addition, international students must:

  • Hold a current Student Visa
  • IELTS Score 5.5 with no band less than 5.0, or equivalent

Skill Program

Supporting Knowledge in Lifelong Learners

At College it's possible that you may be expected to write, listen and grasp concepts at a more advanced level than you may have experienced before. To help you prepare
and ensure you're armed with the necessary skills to succeed we've developed the SKILL program.

What is SKILL?

SKILL is a short task (ACER assessment) to assess your strengths and development areas and it's only 20 minutes. SKILL, gives both the College and you an opportunity to identify areas where you might want additional support and development. This task helps us tailor the support offered to you to help meet your individual learning needs.

Once complete, you will receive a summary which will help you identify the different types of ongoing support options available to you, which will help you improve the areas you specifically might want to develop. You're only 20 minutes away from your personalised support program!

Do I need to take SKILL?

We highly recommend that all students undertake the SKILL program to help give you the greatest chances of success; however if any of the concerns listed below apply to you, we ask that you do complete the initial SKILL task so we can better support your learning outcomes.

  • I didn't complete Year 12
  • English is not my first language
  • I did not love school
  • I am feeling nervous about studying
  • I haven't studied for a long time
  • I haven't studied online before
  • I am not good at reading or writing
  • I am not good at maths

Can I study for the SKILL program?

You can't really study for SKILL. The format for SKILL and the kinds of questions you'll be asked here are meant to give a really clear understanding of your current learning needs, so no additional studying is necessary.

SKILL results & what to do next

You'll be emailed your summary and support options available to you [immediately] after you've taken the SKILL task (ACER assessment).

Is English your second language?

If English is your second language you may want the additional support that the SKILL program can provide you. SKILL results are presented in more detail than IELTS (e.g. there are three scores for writing rather than just one) and you also receive recommendations for the most suitable follow-up options to develop your academic English, so it can be a really powerful resource to help support your academic studies.

*Some qualifications have pre-requisite levels of education and literacy and numeracy