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Application form

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Entry Requirements

Those students wishing to enrol in courses with the Institute are required to meet designated education and English language requirements: Grade 11 Certificate and the specified English language level for a particular course.

If you require English language tuition to reach the required level for entry, the Institute can arrange English classes through Embassy CES. Most countries that are assessment level 3, 4 or 5 require an IELTS Certificate to obtain your visa.

Overseas Student Healthcare (OSHC) Coverage

Effective the 1st of July 2010, all international students must have paid OSHC for the duration of their VISA. This can be arranged through our Institute with Worldcare / Essentials Cover. You can visit their web page on:

2013 Rates

*Dual (DF) – covers one valid student visa holder plus either one adult spouse or recognized de-facto partner OR one or more dependant children.

*Multi (MF) – Covers one student visa holder plus more than one dependant which can only include one adult spouse or recognized de-facto partner AND one or more dependant children.

Steps on how to enrol

STEP 1 – Enrol - Complete an international student Application for Admission form. Submit the completed form with a copy of your passport and documents required under the Entry Requirements as stated above. We will require a copy of your IELTS Certificate (or equivalency).

STEP 2 – Offer Letter – This is a letter sent outlining the course details, required deposit and payment plan. If you agree to the terms stated in your offer, please sign and return the 'acceptance of offer'.

STEP 3 – Payment – Pay your deposit as outlined in your offer letter. This deposit can consist of the tuition deposit, enrolment fee and OSHC. You can pay your deposit by cash, cheque, credit card, money order or bank transfer. The bank details can be found in your offer letter.

STEP 4 – ECOE (Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment) – Once the deposit has been paid (and verified by Accounts) you will be issued an ECOE to reflect the Offer Letter.

STEP 5 – Student Visa Application – Please provide a copy of your offer letter and supporting eCOE when you lodge your application for your student study visa (subclass 572).

Check with your local Australian Embassy or Consulate to obtain additional requirements for lodging your application. A medical check-up and chest x-ray is required in most countries. Other information may also be required depending on the country.

I encourage you to log onto the immigration website at for more information.

Arriving in Australia / Presenting to the College

If you have reached this step, CONGRATULATIONS!

Please be aware that in accordance with your student study visa conditions, you must present yourself to the Institute within seven (7) days of arrival in Australia. Please be sure to bring with you: Your passport and visa (sticker or electronic visa) and passport and visa for each dependent on your student study visa. Also bring a passport size photo for your Student ID Card. If you have your own OSHC, we will require a copy for our records.