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Become a Self-Employed Therapist

Have you been working in the beauty industry for a couple of years now? Are you ready for a new challenge? Perhaps you’re looking for a way to better balance your work and life? Well if you’re a passionate, hard-working and ambitious individual, then why not take your skills on the road and become a self-employed therapist.

Whether you specialise in applying make-up, providing at home spa treatments or throwing facial parties, a career as a self-employed therapist can provide you with the flexibility to create your own future.

Could self-employed therapist be your next job title?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been working in a salon for a couple of years or if you’re finishing off your studies, a career as a self-employed therapist suits a variety of people. As long as you have the drive, organisational skills and passion for beauty, you will strive in this dynamic career. Do you think you have what it takes to be a self-employed therapist?

Listed below are just a few of the tasks that self-employed therapists complete on a daily basis:

  • Provide a range of beauty, facial and spa treatments
  • Schedule client appointments
  • Complete both in and out-of-home treatments
  • Develop marketing promotions and advertisements
  • Complete a range of business administrative duties

Ordering new stock, preparing financial records and running promotions are additional tasks that self-employed therapists will complete. As your business begins to grow, you can even look at employing other therapists to really begin building your own business.

How to become a self-employed therapist

Taking the first steps toward becoming a self-employed therapist isn’t as daunting as you think. All you need to do is combine your beauty or nail qualification with the Diploma of Salon Management and you’re ready to begin your journey toward becoming your own boss.

Armed with your Diploma of Beauty, a Certificate III in Nail Technology or a Certificate III in Make-up from AIAS, you can begin to provide beauty, facial, nail and at-home spa treatments to clients throughout your local area. Ambitious individuals can even complete a business or management course at our sister school Martin and really turn their business into an industry success.

Where can you work?

As a self-employed therapist you’ll have the opportunity to work when & where you like. Will you turn that spare room into your treatment area? Perhaps you’ve found a local hotel or motel that will recommend your services? Maybe you’re just happy to travel to your clients’ homes? It doesn’t matter how you choose to offer your services or where, as you can make your own rules as a self-employed therapist.

Do you want to know more about becoming a self-employed therapist? Then just give one of our Student Enrolment Advisors a call today and together we can discuss what your future will look like when you are the boss.

The Stats

2.4 million

2.4 million Australians are currently self-employed

90 percent

of self-employed individuals have less than 15 full-time employed staff

8 million

8 million Australians are employed by small businesses