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Vocational Placement

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The object of a vocational placement is to provide a student with the opportunity to undertake practical training and to gain the experience required to enable them to demonstrate competency against the outcomes of a nationally recognised qualification.

The Vocational Placement is perceived by AIAS as an appropriate option for the students who would not otherwise have sufficient access to the facilities, equipment and range of work necessary to develop and consolidate their skills to the level required. In particular, it caters for AIAS online students who are not able to attend on-campus training and are not employed in the vocational area in which they are studying.

Why do I need to do Vocational Placement?

In order to successfully complete the course which you are enrolled in, you must be observed within a workplace. The easiest way for this to occur, is for you to complete your placement at an AIAS Student Clinic OR to work in a suitable vocational placement within your relevant industry.

Before commencing your Vocational Placement, you will need to complete and pass a Working with Children Check and/or a National Police Check. To find out more about the requirements needed to receive these checks, just click on the link below or contact us.

Working with children check

Courses with Mandatory Vocational Placement

CHC52015 Diploma of Community Services 
VP hours: 200 hours

CHC51015 Diploma of Counselling
VP hours: 112 hours

SHB50115 Diploma of Beauty Therapy
VP hours: 467-470 hours

SHB50216 Diploma of Salon Management
VP hours: 45 hours

HLT52015 Diploma of Remedial Massage
VP hours: 420-500 hours (depending on the elective stream you study)

* Placements are available at both AIAS Student Clinics

Block Training

Are you studying at either our Brisbane or Melbourne campus? Want to complete your required Vocational Placement hours at a Block Training session? Regardless of whether you’re studying beauty therapy, natural medicine or massage therapy, you can complete your work experience at a local AIAS Student Clinic/Training Salon.

Just talk to one of our team about completing your Vocational Placement on-campus and gain the practical experience you need to graduate with confidence.

Vocational Placements (off-campus)

Vocational Placement Supervisor

The Vocational Placement Supervisor (“the Placement Supervisor”) is the person who will facilitate the training to the student during the placement. The Placement Supervisor could be the manager/owner of the organisation providing the Vocational Placement (“the Placement Host”), or the organisation’s employee.

The Placement Supervisor will be required to support the student to collate evidence of competency and to provide the student with ample opportunities of real and simulated cases to practice and complete required placement assessment tasks. (Assessment is not part of the Placement Supervisor’s role; it is conducted by the AIAS Assessor.)

The Placement Supervisor must hold a professional qualification which is industry-relevant and at the same or higher level than the qualification the student is studying. He/she must have at least five years of industry experience. Accordingly, the following evidence must be provided by the Placement

Supervisor prior to the commencement of the Vocational Placement:

  • certified copies of their qualification(s)
  • evidence of a minimum of 5 years current industry experience; and
  • evidence of current ABN registration


Who finds me a suitable Vocational Placement?

You are required to secure your own Vocational Placement; however, AIAS can provide guidance and assistance through our Vocational Placement Officer (VPO). There is an application for assistance available in the student support "My Vocational Placement" area within Study Smart, which can be completed and sent directly to the VPO. AIAS has affiliated with various organisations in order to successfully engage industry to provide work relevant Placements to enhance its students’ practical skills. We continue to grow our Placement Host client base for all courses offered at AIAS.

What if I am already working in the industry?

If you are currently working in the industry and would like to complete some or your entire Placement with your current employer, please speak to your Vocational Placement Officer. The VPO will see if your current employer can provide some or all of the Vocational Placement requirements for your course.

General Enquiries

Email: aiasnewleads@aias.com.au 
Phone: 1300 880933