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Carefully considered courses to give you the most essential skills to begin a successful Engineering career.

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These high level qualifications will give you the specialised technical skills and knowledge to launch your engineering career.

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What to expect

Our courses prepare you for entry into the exciting world of Engineering, equipping you with practical skills, technical knowledge, confidence in your abilities, and valuable insights. We are committed to providing you with ongoing support and a quality education that is kept current, and continually improved upon by our committed teachers. Our Engineering team is dedicated to providing the best outcomes for our students, the courses we teach have been carefully selected so that you will be a desirable candidate for a variety of jobs and positions, and our directors are constantly networking with industry to market our students and help them secure good employment.

Depending on the course you are enrolled in the skills and knowledge you obtain will vary, however a constant across all our courses at AIAS is that our primary focus is to provide you with a real education, where what you learn is relevant, and where gaining deeper insight and true understanding is prioritised over memorisation and repetition. We are here to help enable you to enter the world of engineering and prepare you with the skills you need for your first steps into a career in Engineering or onto further studies.

Engineers are the bedrock of our society, they are required when we build roads, homes, and hospitals; when we manufacture products, cars and planes; when we want to reach the moon, or power our homes, and when we need to confront humanities greatest challenges, like climate change, natural disasters and access to fresh food and water. Engineers have a profound role in our society and by studying Engineering at AIAS you can be sure that you are taking the right steps to play your part in this.


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