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Carefully considered courses to give you the most essential skills to begin a successful Engineering career.

These high level qualifications will give you the specialised technical skills and knowledge to launch your engineering career.

Engineering Courses

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Engineers are the bedrock of a technological society. All the technology we take for granted today, satellites, aircraft, racing cars, mobile phones, renewable energy, hydro-power has been engineered by engineers. Engineering provides solutions to problems, how to send and land probes on other planets, clean polluted water supplies, extract minerals, and prevent radiation from leaking from a nuclear reactor.

These solutions involve the use of science, physics, mathematics, design, materials technology, all subject areas that an engineer needs to know.

We are a developed technological connected society due to engineering. Our courses prepare you for entering into this exciting creative world.

Please note our Engineering Qualifications are of a para-professional level and not a trade qualification.


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