Apply fluid and thermodynamics principles in engineering

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Unit outline

What to expect

This unit of competency covers the application of fluid and thermodynamic principles to engineering applications. It includes sustainability issues; fundamental scientific principles; fundamentals of vacuum technology; properties of gases and liquids; heat transfer due to conduction, convection and radiation heat and compression processes; closed and open systems; continuity, enthalpy and energy transfers related to compressors, boilers, turbine heat exchangers, heat engines, refrigerators and heat pump performance.

It also includes fluid systems and components, forces on floating and submerged bodies, turbine and pumping systems, and jet forces on blades and plates.

Application of the unit

This unit applies to fluid and thermodynamic devices and systems used in industry. It is suitable for people working as technicians in engineering or related fields using hydrostatic, hydrodynamic, fluid power or heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment and those pursuing careers and qualifications in engineering or related disciplines.

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