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Unit outline

What to expect

This unit of competency covers the preparation of design drawings or graphics used in the mechanical engineering, manufacturing engineering and related industry sectors. The unit includes working with a design brief or concept prepared by an engineer or other designer as well as the specification of items, functions, limits, fits, tolerances, and other engineering information required for the eventual production of fully detailed drawings.

The unit requires the design drawing to be performed using appropriate computer-aided design (CAD) and other drafting techniques that include sketching, computer graphics and the application of drawing standards

Application of the unit

This unit applies to the undertaking of designated design tasks and the specification in design drawings and graphics of mechanical plant, products, projects, system changes or improvements in domestic, commercial, industrial, agricultural, medical, military or entertainment industries. For ease of reference the term ‘drawing’ is used in this unit.

The design drawing is normally undertaken at the direction of an engineer, scientist or other designer who will pass on a concept brief to the design draftsperson. The concept brief maybe a sketch, hard copy plan or document, or a CAD generated file. The unit requires design drawings to be produced using appropriate CAD software. Depending on the task or project, production or supervision of hard copy drawings may also be required.

The unit also includes supervision of detailed drawing production and managing of requests for further information from detailed draftspersons.This may require completion of appropriate engineering design or evaluation units from the MEM05 Metal and Engineering Training Package depending on the design drawing task and previous industrial experience. This unit does not cover the production of detailed drawings (often known as shop drawings).

Where detailed drawing skills are required the relevant MEM detailed drawing units should be selected.

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