Produce basic engineering drawings

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This unit of competency defines the skills and knowledge required to produce drawings or similar graphical representations where the critical dimensions and associated tolerances and design specifications are predetermined.

This unit applies to any engineering discipline. The unit covers application of introductory drafting skills to select and apply drawing protocols. Drawings are completed to Australian Standard (AS) 1100.101 Technical drawing – General principles.

Manual drafting or computer-aided design (CAD) drawing equipment may be used.

When CAD skills are required, unit MEM30031 Operate computer-aided design (CAD) system to produce basic drawing elements should also be selected.

The unit applies to engineering or related activities and is suitable for people giving technical support in manufacturing or engineering operations and those pursuing technical qualifications and careers at paraprofessional or technician level. All work is carried out under supervision.

No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of publication.

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