Select mechanical machine and equipment components

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Unit outline

What to expect

This unit of competency covers the technical selection of mechanical machine and equipment components. It includes analysis of the application to determine suitability of components and use of performance analysis software.

Application of the unit

This unit applies to selecting components of machines or equipment based on mechanical engineering-related technical criteria in order to ensure appropriate performance and compliance with standards. The unit applies to selection tasks based on analyses completed byan individual or the use of technical criteria supplied by professional engineers or equipment suppliers. The use of calculus for technical analysis is not covered by this unit.

The unit is suitable for people working as mechanical detailers or designers and draftspersons and those pursuing careers and qualifications in mechanical engineering or related disciplines.

This unit does not cover selection of electric motors; electrical components; fluid power components, including pumps, control components and support structures; and structural fastening and welding with eccentric loadings. These are covered in other units.

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